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How to Make a Brand Kit in Canva

branding canva tutorials Nov 18, 2021


From your Canva homepage, click "Brand Kit" in the menu on the left.


Give your brand kit a title.


Add your logo by clicking the big "+" under "Brand logos."


Create your own color palette by first giving it a title,


Then click the "+" and use the sliders to choose colors.


Or click "Add and discover palettes" to choose from pre-made color palettes.


Search with keywords to find what you're looking for.


Under "Brand fonts," you can save fonts for easy access later.


If Canva doesn't have the font you want, click "Upload a font" to add your own.


It'll ask if you have the right to use the uploaded font.  Click "yes" if you do.


Now you'll have easy access to your brand elements in all your projects!


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