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Take a look at what my clients have said about their experiences working with me. 

Maggie York

Margaret of York

"Kate has been incredibly valuable to the growth of my interior design business.  Kate helped me push through tasks that were uncomfortable and out of my wheelhouse. Working with her has opened many amazing doors of opportunity and I have grown personally from this experience."

Shannon Shipman

Fine Art Photography & Travel Blog

Working with Kate Hammer is a dream! She listens to all of your ideas and manages to produce pure branding magic! Kate will create vision boards and help you narrow down which theme best represents your story, making it a joy to show off your work!  Couldn’t be happier with all of her input and guidance to make this an incredible partnership!

Colleen Blake-Miller

"Kate’s amazing. She’s very patient. When I didn’t have the language to express some of what I wanted, she worked patiently with me to help me drill down, get clarity and determine what I was actually looking for."

Elsa Massey

Simply Elsa

"If you are looking to brand or re-brand your blog, I highly recommend reaching out to Kate, she understands the blogging landscape and has a great design eye. I feel so grateful to have worked with Kate on my branding, she took my vision and goals and helped me create the space and story that is now Simply Elsa."

Kyle Pipes

KP Coaching & Consulting

"I'm thankful for Kate's inspiration and insight! She is extremely knowledgeable, strategic, and helpful. She loves what she does and that passion is contagious. Her help has been instrumental in helping me build my business."

Mindy Day

Mindy Day Designs

"Kate filled so many roles for me in this process. For someone who considers myself a creative, the branding process was something I was overwhelmed by and kept avoiding. Kate created something that felt totally personal to me but something I simply could not have conceived myself! And it was such a fun process, she is personally invested in her clients and their journey."

Sara Meadows

The Edit Effect | Lifestyle Blog

"Kate helped me see opportunities I didn't even realize existed. Because of the structure she provided, I was able to create boundaries in my life and prioritize my time so I can reach my goals and focus on what's most important to me."

Ashley Colombo

Ashley Colombo Interiors

"Kate and I began working together on my new interior design start up company in 2019. She's an incredibly smart, patient, pragmatic and creative business consultant. Additionally I decided to rebrand and rename my business after several months and Kate was my biggest champion and sounding board. She even designed my new logo and helped make the rebranding transition seamless."

Quincy Bulin Ege

"From our first conversation, it was apparent to me just how professional, thoughtful, and creative Kate is. During the branding process, she allowed me to be very involved and was always so patient. The end result is absolutely beautiful and it's all thanks to Kate!"

Helen Phillips

Life on Phillips Lane

"Kate is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I've really enjoyed working with her and always find myself checking out what helpful tips she's sharing on Instagram!"

Annie Vanacore

"Kate's incredible talent for design and consulting are unparalleled. Coming onboard at a time when my 20 year old business needed a major reboot both aesthetically and conceptually - she was a breath of fresh air! Going above and beyond, Kate created a rebrand that communicates my style and voice. Her sessions have been invaluable in helping me grow, revamp my business goals, website and social media presence. I cannot recommend Kate highly enough; I'm so thankful to know and work with this uber intelligent and witty powerhouse!