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You Can Do It, If You Do It

pep talks Oct 07, 2020

One question I seem to get over and over from new clients is: Can I do "this"? 

"This" might be ‘start a new business’, ‘increase pricing structure’, ‘meet a certain goal on a tight timeline’, ‘start a blog when everyone seems to be starting a blog’ or any number of things. For you “this” is that front of mind question that dodges your confidence and continues to resurface while you busy yourself with everything else. So it's no surprise that it comes up time and time again. 90% of the time I give the same answer no matter what the "this" is:

"You can do it, if you do it."

I don’t say, “Why not give it a try?” Forget trying. Just do the thing. Because the difference between you and the person who watches all the doers meet their goals, get into flow, and tick off the boxes on their checklist is that YOU are going to DO the “thing”. 

Why do we feel compelled to ask permission? Why are...

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