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How to Use the Canva Content Planner



From your Canva homepage, click "Content Planner" from the left side menu.


Scroll through the calendar to find a date to publish a social media post.


Click the "+" in the corner of the date on the calendar.


You'll see all your recent Canva projects


Or click "Your library" to see all your projects.


You can also start a new project with one of Canva's templates


Or start fresh by clicking "Create a design."


For this example, we'll click on one of our recent projects.


To adjust the date and time of your post, click the calendar icon.


Here you can change the date you selected.


And adjust the time of day it'll post.


Click "Done" when your date and time are how you want them.


Then click "Select a channel."


And choose from a handful of social media sites to publish your post.


Add a caption to your post.


You can save this as a draft.


Or click...

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