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How To Make Instagram Reels In Canva

Whether you prefer to scroll screen shots with written directions, watch a video, listen to one, or view captions on a video... I've got you covered! Ready to learn to create Instagram Reels using Canva?

In Canva, go to the search bar in the top right of your screen and search "Instagram Reel Video."


Choose one of the templates, or "Create a blank Instagram Reels Video."


Click your new document to select it, then click the color wheel to change the background color.


On the left side of your screen, choose "Uploads," then "Upload Media," to add photos, videos, or audio.


Drag your media to your document.


Adjust the size of your photo by dragging on any of the corners.


Add text by clicking the "Text" icon to the left of your screen, and choosing an option from the menu.


Edit the font, color, size, and other aspects of your text with the tool bar at the top of your screen.


Add any graphics you might want by clicking...

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How to Make a Collage Board in Canva

See this collage board I made? I bet you've noticed these on your social media quite a lot over the past few years. They're fun, right? I bet you also thought they were tricky to make or that you had to be a graphic designer to put them together. FALSE! You can do it, too! All you need is an app or software that has a background remover tool, like Canva, Adobe Spark or even Microsoft Word (yeah, even word). Ready?

Today I'm going to teach you how to make a collage board in Canva because I believe it to be the easiest and most effective tool out there. I used to use even more advanced Adobe tools, like Photoshop, to make them. Turns out that is highly unnecessary now that the background remover tool has become so widespread. Basically, you're learning at the right time in history and saving quite a bit of time!

So first things first- you need to have a Canva Pro plan in order to have access to the background remover tool. The free version of Canva is super, You can also test out the...

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DIY Holiday Cards in Canva

Tired of spending $200 or more on holiday cards? Yeah, I thought so. I have good news though! You can get high quality cards with a modern design using your own photos and 10 minutes of handiwork using a FREE app called Canva. With absolutely zero graphic design background, you can overlay text, snow, etc. to fully personalized your card and customize it to an even further degree of detail than you can with Minted, Shutterfly, and all the big brands. 

I'm going to show you how and it's going to take you half an hour to learn AND make your own. In fact, don't be surprised if you find it to be so fun and easy and that you end up designing your neighbor's card, your sister's card, your bff's card... you get the idea.

If you know me, you know I'm all about enabling action. I am NOT the business consultant who makes clients feel like they need me at every turn. Nope. I have a lot of faith in your abilities and I want YOU to have that confidence in yourself. So let's get after...

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