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Instagram Reel Tutorial: A Quick Intro To Instagram Reels

Whether you prefer to scroll screen shots with written directions, watch a video, listen to one, or view captions on a video... I've got you covered! Now, let's get you introduced to Reels on Instagram! 

Open your Instagram page and tap the "+" at the top right corner.


Under the "Create" menu, select "Reel."


Choose your music or sound clip by tapping on the music note icon.  This is the only sound that will play on your reel.


Select a song, search for music, or pick a "Saved" audio clip.  Note:  I'll teach you how to save sound clips in another reel tutorial!  It's easy, promise.


Select a speed for your video.  You can change speeds with different clips in your reel.


Select a filter if you want one, then hit record!


Use the timer tool as needed.


Add text and emojis like you would in Stories.  Select text boxes and time them with your video.  Tap "Share To" when you're done.


Add a caption and hashtags.  Toggle "Also Share to Feed."  Then Share or Save.


You can access your Reel Drafts in your Reel section to edit and publish them later!

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Look for more Reel tutorials that cover features and how to make awesome videos-- like this one!


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