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Instagram Reel Tutorial: How to use the Green Screen Filter

Did you know you can use a green screen effect in Instagram Reels? There is an easy way you can learn in here in under 2 minutes! Watch the video above and/or scroll through the directions below. Then, give it a try!

Set your phone up on a tripod or stable surface.


Tap the music icon to choose your song or sound.


Then tap the timer icon to choose your countdown time and clip duration.


Tap the filters icon.


Swipe through all the filters to the search icon at the very end.


Tap the search icon.


Search "green screen," and choose the first option.


Tap "Try It."


To add a photo or video as your background, tap "Add Media."


Adjust how large you appear in front of the background by pinching the screen.


Tap the record button, get into place while the timer counts down, and record your reel.


Tap the icon to the left of the record icon to see your clip and trim it.


Once you've trimmed your clip, tap "Done."


Tap the icon to the right of the record button to see your final result.


Now you're ready to add text, stickers, and share!

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