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Instagram Reel Tutorial: How to do a Jump Transition

Whether you prefer to scroll screen shots with written directions, watch a video, listen to one, or view captions on a video... I've got you covered! Ready to learn how to create a jump transition for Instagram Reels?

Set your phone up on a tripod or a stable surface.


Tap the music icon to choose a song or sound.


Tap the timer icon.


Choose how long you want your countdown to be.


Then slide along the bar to choose where you want your transition to be in the song.


Tap the record button, get into place during the countdown, and do your jump.


Make any post-transition changes you want, then tap the timer icon to set your clip duration and timer again.


Tap the align icon and it'll show you the last frame of your first clip, so you can make sure you're in the same position to make your transition seamless.


Tap the record icon, and record the next half of your transition by doing your jump again.


Tap the icon to the left of the record icon to see your clips and trim them.


Tap the scissors to trim.


Slide along the bar to trim the beginning or end of your clip as needed, click "Trim," then do the same to your 2nd clip.


Once you've trimmed your clips, tap "Done."


Tap the icon to the right of the record button to see your final result.


Now you're ready to add text, stickers, and share!

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