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How to Convert a JPG to a PDF for FREE

Sometimes you need to convert a JPG to a PDF. This often happens when you need to sign some kind of paperwork or contract on the fly and return a copy to the person or company you're dealing with at the time. You don't want to come off as unprofessional by sending a photo of a document. That's no bueno. There are a few web-based converters out there to choose from, but I already did the work for you to figure out which one is the BEST. I'll show you, step by step, how to use my favorite JPG to PDF converter. And bonus points- this one will allow you to convert for FREE time and time again without forcing you into a free trial and subscription that you absolutely should not be paying for!

Why might you need to convert a JPG to a PDF?

  1. You take a picture on your phone and you need to save or email it as a PDF.
  2. You want to add a picture as a page in a PDF.

If you prefer to follow instructions in writing, I'm writing them out one by one for you. BUT, if you prefer a video tutorial, click play on the video above. Either way, you'll learn to do this in under two minutes. 

  1. Open your favorite internet browser and open a new tab with this page
  2. Scroll down to the middle of the page and look for the blue button on the lefthand side that says 'select JPG files'.
  3. Click that blue button and you'll see a window open with your computer files. Select the JPG files you wish to convert into a PDF. (NOTE: If you select multiple JPG files your result will be a multipage PDF- so if you take upload 3 photos of 3 pages of a contract, this tool will compile all 3 photos as pages for you in the same PDF!).
  4. To the right of the 'select JPG files' button you will see a darker blue button that says 'convert to PDF'. This button changes from white to dark blue once the JPG is ready to convert. 
  5. Click the 'convert to PDF' button.
  6. When the conversion is complete you can retrieve your PDF by clicking the green button at the top righthand corner of the page labeled, 'download your PDF'
  7. Grab your new download and use it as you please!

QUICK TIP: If you will need to convert JPG files to PDFs regularly, consider adding the converter to your 'bookmarks', 'favorites bar' or 'reading list'. 

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