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Making Home Work For You (with Maggie York)

Season #1

Today's guest of You Know How to Live is Maggie York!

Maggie York is so many wonderful things- she’s an interior designer, she’s a social media influencer, she’s a former client and a current close friend, she’s a mom of four, she’s a midwest gal, she’s a farmer’s wife, she’s a force of inspiration. I am so so excited for you to get to know her and for this conversation on making your home work for you! You can connect with Maggie on Instagram to get incredible home and lifestyle inspiration and practical strategies for beautiful styling.

In this interview Maggie talks about making your home work for you and making design and decor choices that support the way you want to live in the day to day, all household members accounted for. She shares how to know which home projects to tackle first and the most neglected room (that we really shouldn't ignore). We also discuss how to adjust your goals when they no longer serve you and how to accept that what works for you may not be what you *think* your life should like.

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