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Keeping Your Peace No Matter What (with Colleen Blake Miller)

Season #1

Today's guest of You Know How to Live is Colleen Blake Miller, R.P., M.Div.

Colleen Blake Miller is based out of Toronto, Canada where she works to combine her advanced degrees in psychotherapy and divinity to embolden women to live full and healthy lives. Colleen regularly speaks at conferences and programs across North America when she is not working with her clients in one and one and group settings. She is the author of The Life Mapan easy-to-follow guide to realizing and fulfilling your life’s purpose.

In this interview Colleen reveals the pain points that come up most frequently in her Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions (and how to address them). We talk about putting your peace first and the value of choosing not to make concessions. We also get into Colleen's transition into entrepreneurship from employment. 

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