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Chief Secrets to Living a REAL SIMPLE Life (with Liz Vaccariello)

Season #1

The very first guest of You Know How to Live is Liz Vaccariello! Liz is Editor in Chief for both REAL SIMPLE and SHAPE magazines. REAL SIMPLE is one of the premier brands in the women’s lifestyle space with a print and digital reach of nearly 21 million. Vaccariello has led many of media’s most recognizable brands, including Parents, Prevention and Reader’s Digest.

In this episode, Liz shares her morning routine, how she prepares for slam-dunk public speaking, how she manages a marriage between an extrovert and an introvert, why she refuses to suck in (and why you should kick that habit, too) plus several more insights, tips and stories you'll enjoy! This conversation is a total blast-- sound off in the comments about your favorite part!

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