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Introducing: The You Know How to Live Show

Season #1

Season One of You Know How to Live drops Wednesday, November 3rd! Follow or add to your queue so you won't miss the launch!

Does this sound familiar? Life is just so generously full of back to back challenge and grind. I mean how many times a day do we, if we’re fulfilling our responsibilities, find ourselves up to our elbows in tasks we either can’t stand or feel neutral about?

We are so fascinated by people who seem to have it figured out, aren’t we? And that doesn’t mean we assume these people have perfect lives or that no harm comes their way- the tough stuff, the boring stuff- it’s all wickedly inevitable.

Yet, motivation is not the thing to chase. Spend five minutes paying attention to some of the greatest psychology and lifestyle influencers of our time and you will walk away knowing you cannot rely on motivation. Not for anything. Well, not for anything that lasts!

So this is my hope for this show. I want to make it accessible to you- applied psychology, habit theory, and the very best anecdotal advice and insights with the vehicle of enjoyable conversation with the authors, experts and wizards who dare to suggest what will work if motivation won’t.

Hit whatever button you need to hit to get your reminder so that you can walk away episode after episode feeling like You Know How to Live!


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