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How To Pitch InStyle with Laura Norkin



Laura Norkin is the Deputy Editor at InStyle Magazine, and in this Q+A she talks with me about how to write a stellar pitch for InStyle as a freelance writer or source/expert.

Hint: the subject line matters, so get it right!

Laura very kindly allowed me to share her email : [email protected] [everyone’s email follows this format] so take notes on her recommendations and send her your pitch!


Laura Norkin- Feature stories, social commentary, timely reactions to newsy moments or trends that hit InStyle categories (Fashion, Beauty, Wellness, Culture & Politics)

Sam Reed- Also a go-to for hot takes, and is especially looking for pitches for “Breakups That Broke Us,” a column on the celebrity breakup you can’t get over. These are first person essays and have to bring in interesting and sometimes obscure pop-culture moments in oddly personal ways.

Samantha Sutton- Fashion and style service stories (what to...

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